Services - Home Health Aide

At Hillebrand Home Health, we are devoted to providing our patients with the best in-home care available. Hillebrand Home Health is a full-service agency, offering many levels of care to meet the unique needs of our patients.

Our Home Health Aide services are a wonderful choice for patients in many different life circumstances. At Hillebrand Home Health, our goal is to help older adults remain independent in the comfort of their own home, and Home Health Aide services are fundamental to achieving that goal.

Home Health Aide Services

at Hillebrand Home Health

At Hillebrand Home Health, we provide exceptional care for our patients, supporting their emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. Home Health Aide services are an important part of providing whole-person wellness for our patients. Home Health Aide services support patients in many parts of daily life, including but not limited to:

Bathing & Personal Care

With care and respect, we help our patients maintain their own personal hygiene. Daily personal and bathing activities can be difficult for many older adults, and sometimes they can be dangerous. We want to make sure that our patients are comfortable and safe every day, so that they don’t need to worry about daily difficulties and they can focus on feeling well and enjoying life.

Light Exercise Assistance

As a part of Home Health Aide services, our licensed physical therapists prepare a simple exercise plan for our patients. The certified home health aide will then assist the patient with this exercise plan at home.

Medication Assistance

It’s important for older adults to take all for the medications that they require. Our home health aides will help our clients remember to take their medications each day.

Patient Accompaniment

At Hillebrand Home Health, we are dedicated to whole-person wellness, and that goes beyond helping with day-to-day activities. Our home health aides accompany patients to doctor appointments and stay with them in the event of a medical emergency. Whether at home or at the hospital, we provide caring accompaniment for our patients.