Prescription Help

The cost of medication is a serious concern for older adults, most of whom must pay for drugs out of their own pockets. Even those who have insurance to supplement Medicare often have little or no medication coverage.

For a new prescription, don’t buy a whole bottle; ask for just a few pills. You may have side effects from the medication and have to switch. If you buy a few, you won’t be stuck with a costly bottle of medication you can’t take.

For on-going conditions, medications are often less expensive in quantities of 100. Buy large quantities of drugs only if you know your body tolerates them well. Call around for the lowest prices. You can also ask for a senior citizen discount card, ask for a generic equivalent, get free samples, buy store-brand products (ask pharmacist for recommendations) try mail order and find out about drug assistance programs.

Here are some options for you to review:

Golden Buckeye Prescription Drug Savings Program — 800 • 422 • 1976

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Patient Assistance Programs
These programs have different application forms and eligibility requirements. The pharmaceutical companies supplies these applications for free. For more information call 800 • 762 • 4636.

Internet Based Discount Programs

For a list comparing current drug prices offered by online companies. — 888 • 463 • 6332

To find out how to buy prescriptions online safely and securely. Click on “Buying Medicines and Medical Products Online”.

Discount depends on medication — 888 • 378 • 4786.”.

Discount depends on medication; cost of shipping is $1.49 or free if the order is as least $50.00— — 888 • 787 • 2800.”